A whole new microscopic world awaits your children for under $60

A whole new microscopic world awaits your children for under $60
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Imagine a world where we couldn't identity disease-causing bacteria. As a society, we owe a debt to the microscope. While your kids may be too young to make scientific breakthroughs, this Wi-Fi Digital Microscope can get them interested early.

While rudimentary forms of the microscope have been around since the 1500s (they were first known as “flea glasses” as they were primarily used to examine the members of the insect world), it wasn’t until the 1880s that the microscope became an essential tool of doctors in the daily practice of identifying pathogens. Once doctors understood what caused illness, they could combat its spread through quarantine, disinfection, vaccines, and antibiotics. Think of how much worse our current COVID-19 situation would be today without this technology.

So here's an exciting opportunity to get your future doctor, scientist, or your just plain curious kids (or even yourself) to explore the miniature world. This Wi-Fi Digital Microscope features a magnification of 50 up to 1,000 times, allowing users to view the microscopic world right under their noses in far more detail than can be imagined. With 8 LED lights that can be set to various brightness levels and a high-resolution camera for precise imaging, the microscope can connect to a variety of devices via Wi-Fi or through a USB interface to allow the findings to be seen on a larger screen. Your children will be captivated once they discover how fun and interesting the process can be, and you might be surprised at just what they are looking at through the lens.

This microscope is available to you today for $55.95—that’s 20% off the regular retail price of $69. We’re convinced that your kiddos are going to enjoy endless hours of exploring, examining, and analyzing while looking through the lens. And who knows? Perhaps a Nobel Prize may be in their future.

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