Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro and improve your online experience

Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro and improve your online experience
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TL;DR: It's the perfect time to update your PC with Windows 11 Pro, with loads of upgrades and enhancements, now being offered for $39.99 (reg. $199), the best price you will find on the web!

In a world where technology changes faster than an eye blink, it’s worthwhile to keep your PC’s OS updated. With Windows 11 Pro you will experience a new look while taking advantage of improved performance, gaming features, and app compatibility.

If you’re still clunking along with a pre-Windows 10 version, now is an opportune time to upgrade. Available for the best price on the web, Windows 11 Pro can be yours for under $40.

With several significant improvements over its previous iterations, this operating system will have your computer running faster than ever. The enhanced security will make your time online safer, keeping you protected from viruses and malware. By using Windows Hello you will be able to log in using facial or fingerprint recognition. Not only does it have a cleaner look, but you will have a lot more flexibility in adjusting how your screen is set up thanks to Snap Layouts and Virtual Desktops. New features like an updated Start menu, a revamped taskbar, and some cool widgets add to its appeal and are just a few of the improvements you’ll enjoy with this latest OS. Perhaps the coolest additions are the Live Captions app, which provides live captioning of any audio played in Windows (including audio from video calls), and the Voice Access app, which is an improved version of Windows’ existing speech recognition tools that allows you to control your computers using just your voice.

Together, these improvements are designed to increase your productivity, decrease the likelihood of cyberattacks, and make your online experience more user-friendly and visually appealing. Buy it today and download it onto your desktop or your laptop as soon as you redeem your code.

Normally valued at $199, Windows 11 Pro is now available for only $39.99. With this purchase, you will be able to activate a maximum of 3 devices.

Prices subject to change