French Laundry’s former sommelier is curating an online wine shop

French Laundry’s former sommelier is curating an online wine shop
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For true wine lovers, there’s no place like Napa Valley — other than the Bordeaux region of France, of course. Part of the magic is the wine, but there’s also the stories told by the wine makers, the gorgeous vineyards, and the exclusive wines slipped in at the end of the tasting. Then, you head home, and it’s back to the regular scheduled programming, i.e. the same wines you typically have access to.

The team behind Wine Access thinks you can do better. Part curated online wine shop, part wine discovery hub, Wine Access only features bottles that have been hand-picked by their team of experts, who, by the way, boast Napa Valley resumes fit for the Queen. One is a former French Laundry sommelier, another spent time at Napa’s most prestigious estates like Arietta Wines and Dana Estates. But they all hold one common belief: that some of the best wines come from small, family-run estates, and that everyone deserves access.

In fact, they taste thousands of bottles in order to feature only ones that “overdeliver” on price. Think $100 cabernets that cost you $75, but taste like $150. You’ll find bottles exclusive to wine clubs, and bottles exclusive to Napa locals. They have connections, and you are the beneficiary. And because great wine requires TLC, all bottles come direct from the winery and are shipped in temperature-controlled settings. Plus, you can expect Nordstrom-level customer service should you have an issue.

If your mouth is watering already, head to their site and save $50 on your first $150 purchase. You can buy single bottles or join their wine club and let them do all thinking for you (plus save 10% on all your purchases). At the very least, we implore you to sign up for their email list, which will whisk you away to far-flung wineries directly from your inbox. It’s just the reprieve we need to survive the dog days of winter — well, that and a bottle of red.