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In the 21 years since Y2K, everyone's been on edge about cybersecurity, and modern hackers certainly haven't made our nights any less sleepless. Snooze soundly knowing all of your devices' data are under lock and key with the Winston Privacy Filter.

If you need ultimate digital privacy, Winston has you covered. While flawlessly filtering out ads and trackers on all your internet-connected devices including computers, tablets, and smart TVs, the machine also creates faster browsing with the simultaneous running malware block. By using smart cloaking on all your IP addresses, Winston makes it almost impossible for creepers, peeping toms, and general bad guys to geotag your location or use your location's network. By scrambling your internet traffic, you'll get the ultimate browsing experience without having to sacrifice any of your precious hard drive storage with bulky programs.

Winston Privacy

Need extra reassurance? Winston also encrypts your internet for a premium level of protection against hackers and identity theft. You can also let out a big sigh of relief knowing any credit card numbers, important, files, and pictures from college that you'd rather not share are safe in your own little digital vault thanks to Winston.

You can even run Winston on your phone using the iOS and Android apps, so there isn't a backdoor for a thief to sneak in on any of your devices. The best part? You'll never pay a subscription fee like some of those other VPN blockers want. Just a one-time purchase closes the gates on your home internet and gives you a clear peace of mind that everything is secure and tidy out of digital harm's way.

Get the Winston Privacy Filter, which includes a power adapter, two CAT6 ethernet cables, rubber bumpers, and an instruction manual for $179 (Reg. $199).

Prices subject to change.