These gummies let you include mushrooms in your wellness routine

These gummies let you include ...
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Every day, strides are made in natural wellness to bring better solutions and options to balance your health and well-being. But let's be honest—some supplement instructions are so complicated it's easy to fall off track.

This is especially true when you have to take a specific supplement for each part of your health that you want to enhance - one for sleep, one for digestion, and one for and focus: balancing supplements can be overwhelming.

Plant People saw this struggle and developed WonderDay Mushroom Gummies, the world's first mushroom multi gummy that gets you the benefits of 10 different adaptogenic mushrooms in 1 easy-to-take supplement.

What Can Adaptogenic Mushrooms Do for You?

With all the health trends out there it's hard to know for sure which are really worth it. So what's the science behind enhancing your well-being with adaptogenic mushrooms?

Mushrooms have been a staple in human consumption for centuries, but recently, researchers have made breakthroughs on their benefits. They are finding that mushrooms are "adaptogens" - a consumable product that can help the body relax and defend against chronic stress over time.

Early research indicates that a variety of adaptogenic mushrooms help reduce the release of stress hormones like cortisol. Less stress can mean improved digestion, sleep, and overall well-being.

So Plant People packed the best of the best into its 10-functional-adaptogenic-mushroom formula including Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail to make using the power of mushrooms that much simpler. These specific strains address inflammation, neurotransmitters, cell damage, the immune system, regulating blood sugar, digestion, and so much more.

The World's First Mushroom Multi Gummy

With all the power of adaptogenic mushrooms behind them, there's no surprise that WonderDay Gummies are so ground-breaking. With a formula perfectly dosed for daily consumption, these gummies offer an easy way to get the benefits of functional mushrooms.

There's no measuring powders or mixing gritty teas with this mushroom supplement. Instead, pop your daily dose of the wild raspberry-flavored gummies as part of your morning routine and enjoy the enhanced well-being they provide. With a chef-crafted flavor profile, these are a tasty way to supplement your day.

As much as these mushrooms have got all of the good stuff, it's equally important to note they don't contain any of the bad stuff. Unlike some other gummy supplements, you won't find any gelatin or high fructose corn syrup here. Plus, they're created from non-GMO ingredients.

Not only do WonderDay Mushroom Gummies make you feel good, but you'll also feel even better knowing that you're purchasing from a B Corp Certified and Climate Neutral Certified company. Plant People pushes it a step further by planting a tree for each product sold.

So if you want to get a little of that double feel-good, now is the time to take advantage of Plant People's offer for 15% off a purchase of $30 or more with code SUMMER15. You can also find trial, subscription, and bundle options that make shopping for your health easier than ever.

Feel more balanced with less effort today when you try out this flavorful, mushroom multi gummy from WonderDay.