Need a great new job? ZipRecruiter can hook you up for free

Need a great new job? ZipRecruiter can hook you up for free
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It can be a jungle out there. But, instead of restricting your current job search to a couple of local job boards, ZipRecruiter can supercharge your pursuit of a new career, opening you up to hundreds of potential employers.

It starts with the strategic placement of a job seeker’s resume, positioned across up to 100 different job boards. However, ZipRecruiter’s methods also feature much more nuanced tactics, allowing its powerful algorithms to analyze a resume, assess that person’s abilities, then invite them to apply for jobs that keenly align with their skill set.

ZipRecruiter has even gone a step further, personifying all those algorithms and artificial intelligence smarts into a unified form: an automated job concierge named Phil. Phil’s job is to personalize a job search, whether sprucing up a resume or uncovering a hidden job listing that would be perfect for you.

Based on responses to those suggested jobs, Phil learns what each job candidate wants in a new position — and adjusts his efforts to match with even more perfectly attuned possibilities. Then, as they send applications and interviews start lining up, Phil keeps track of it all, following up on open jobs and crafting a schedule so everything stays straight.

Considering about 80 percent of all ZipRecruiter client businesses report getting a quality, job-ready candidate in the first 24 hours after posting an open job, there’s room to be optimistic that ZipRecruiter can get a job seeker working fast. And the economics work, too. Since ZipRecruiter charges companies to list and screen candidates, that means individual job hunters can take advantage of ZipRecruiter’s vast resources for free.

“I was released from my job of three years and concerned about finding something new. ZipRecruiter helped me locate and apply for a new position with a fantastic culture and greater income potential,” Mark said in his 5-star ZipRecruiter review.

Head to the ZipRecruiter website, upload a resume, and let Phil start working on a similar career upswing for you.

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