Dell is showing off a variety of new computers at CES 2018, and hot on the heels of its revamped Dell XPS 13 comes the larger, more powerful Dell XPS 15. As well as seriously upgraded internals, the Windows 2-in-1 brings with it a "maglev" keyboard that uses magnets underneath its keys.

That's similar magnetic levitation technology that super-fast trains run on, only this time the buoyancy produced by the physics of magnetism goes towards a smoother typing experience rather than getting you from A to B in record time. Dell is promising a deeper, more mechanical sensation for your key presses.

The internal specs are designed to appeal to power users, and Dell is making the claim that this is the most powerful 2-in-1 convertible laptop yet. Inside is your choice from two of the latest 8th generation Intel quad-core processors, married with high-end graphics from AMD (a brand new combination we're seeing a lot in Las Vegas this week).

Depending on your chosen configuration, you can get between 8 GB and 16 GB of RAM, plus between 128 GB and 1 TB of speedy SSD storage. It's all topped off with a 15.6-inch touchscreen display with minimal bezels, offering either a Full HD or 4K resolution depending on the sharpness you want, and the spare cash you've got to spend.

That display also showcases the new Dell Cinema technology, a combination of color, contrast, and audio specs designed to make watching videos a more compelling experience on laptops with the Dell Cinema badge of approval.

Choosing a laptop is usually a compromise of sorts between lightness and thinness and raw processing power, but here Dell is trying to combine the best of both worlds. Previous versions of the Dell XPS 13 have been very well received by users and the tech press, so the future already looks bright for its new bigger sibling.

You should be able to power through some pretty intense gaming and demanding tasks such as video editing using the XPS 15, while also taking advantage of the flexibility of a 2-in-1 that can do all the usual convertible tricks – like sitting up in a tent-style configuration when you want to lean back and watch some movies.

Also included in the package are four USB-C ports (with support for Thunderbolt 3 on two of them), a microSD card reader, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The touchscreen supports stylus input as well, though you'll need to buy a pen separately, and the laptop will set you back from US$1,299.99 when it goes on sale in April.

Source: Dell

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