So how do you stand out from the e-Reader crowd at Computex? You pop up with the only color A4 sized e-paper device, that's how. Rather than using e-Ink or LCD technology, the 13 inch color display of the e-Magazine from Delta Electronics benefits from e-paper technology developed in partnership with Japan's Bridgestone Corporation.

The e-Magazine is currently the only e-Reader capable of displaying a full color A4 magazine page, which should allow for a comfortable, scroll-free read. Those expecting an electronic version of a glossy magazine will be a tad disappointed, though - the color reproduction is described as stable but not particularly high contrast. Its 13.1 inch display was developed in collaboration with Bridgestone and uses particle-based color e-paper technology rather than the e-Ink common in other e-Readers, or the LCD in tablets like the iPad.

At around 730 grams (about half the weight of an iPad) it's probably lightweight enough to sling in a laptop bag or backpack and not impact too much on the already overburdened carrier. Delta Electronics is claiming a 6,000 page battery life, and 3G or WiFi connectivity. There's pen input for making notes, too.

Whether the product actually sells has just as much to do with the content available for it to display as its cutting edge technology. Sadly, there are precious few details about publisher deals, in fact there is little information full stop. The company has hinted at research to develop sharper, richer colors within the next few years. Its current offering should be available by December 2010, price to be announced.

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