San Francisco-based purveyor of technologically-themed apparel Alphyn Industries has released the DELTA415 Wearcom jeans: a pair of jeans which allow the wearer to see and use a touchscreen smartphone without needing to actually take it out of their pocket.

Originally inspired by the utility of the pockets and straps which adorn a fighter pilot's G-suit, the DELTA415 Wearcom straight leg jeans include a transparent polymer film pocket through which the smartphone can be seen and used. When not in used, a denim flap covers the pocket to make the jeans appear just like any other.

A button hole opens into the front pocket of the jeans for threading headphones through and the company confidently states that the polymer pocket will house any touchscreen smartphone up to 3 x 5 inches, including all iPhone models and Android devices which fall within those measurements.

Though fashionistas will no doubt poke fun at such an unashamedly geeky product, it's also apparent that the DELTA415 Wearcom jeans could indeed be useful to those who spend a lot of time riding a bike, as well as people who wish to check their phone while in an environment which is potentially hazardous to delicate electronics.

The DELTA415 Wearcom jeans are available for US$160 internationally (plus postage for non-US residents).

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