Foster + Partners, the same architectural firm behind Apple's new campus, recently unveiled its plans for the new Kuwait International Airport. The plans will increase the airport's capacity, whilst creating a state-of-the-art eco terminal building.

"Its design is rooted in a sense of place, responsive to the climate of one of the hottest inhabited environments on earth and inspired by local forms and materials," says Foster + Partners.

The new terminal will feature a trefoil plan with the departure gates forming three symmetrical wings. The aerodynamic-looking building will include a dramatic 25-meter (82 ft) high central space, with the external walls stretching 1.2 kilometers (0.75 mile) wide. Glazed windows will filter daylight and deflect the direct solar radiation, while a canopy supported by concrete columns will shade public exterior spaces and entrances. The baggage reclaim area will be surrounded by an indoor water feature, and the roof will be fitted with an expanse of photovoltaic panels to harvest the Sun's energy.

The Foster + Partners architects are aiming for LEED Gold appraisal - an internationally-recognized green building certification system. If their goal is achieved, Kuwait's will become the first passenger terminal in the world to attain this level of environmental accreditation.

The Kuwait International Airport will annually see 13 million passengers through its doors, with the flexibility to accommodate 25 million passengers, and 50 million with further development.

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