There are several options out there for those looking to use capacitive touchscreen devices while not getting frosty fingers this winter. We've looked at the North Face Etip and Agloves, now a solution that is cheap, simple and lets you keep wearing your favorite pair of gloves – even while tweeting how cold you are!

Social product development company Quirky has released the Digit, a mini conductive pin that is attached to the fingertip of your glove. This allows an electrical current to be transmitted between your phone or tablet touchscreen and your finger via conductive fabric on it's face.

The fact that they are retro-fitted to your current pair of gloves does however have its advantages and disadvantages. While you may still look cool in your new-season black leather gloves – you might lose some of your chic by having pins attached to your index-fingers and thumbs. A small price to pay for functionality some might say and at US$13.99 (for a pack of four) they are a cheaper alternative to Etips (around US$40).

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