March 18, 2008 Danish speaker company Scandyna’s ‘v dock’ is an iPod dock with integrated amplifier that is specially designed to complement the iPod Video models. It combines high quality audio with an S-Video connection to play videos from the iPod on a TV or computer. The dome shaped unit is available in black or white and includes a 3.5mm mini jack stereo line out for output to a subwoofer as well as a 2x15 watt RMS ClassT active amplifier, remote control and inserts for use with different iPod models.

Scandyna’s distinctive design aesthetic can also be seen in their speaker range, which includes the Minipod and Micropod SE. The Minipods are 2-way reflex speakers with one 5” long throw bass/midrange drive unit featuring a kevlar piston and a 25mm (1”) dia free-mounted high frequency drive unit while the Micropod SE’s are 2-way closed box speakers featuring one 3” long throw bass/midrange drive unit featuring a Kevlar piston and a 19mm (3/4”) dia free-mounted high frequency drive unit. Both the Minipod and the Micropod SE’s can be teamed with Scandyna’s Bass Station or Minibass to provide that low end punch.

Designed to accompany the speakers is ‘the amp’ – an innovative amplifier that features 2x50 watts with only 0,12% distortion between 1 watt and 25 watts. It has 4 stereo inputs and, weighing in at 2.4lbs, the amp can be hung on the wall with the use of a wall bracket. The wall brackets haven’t escaped the attention of Scandyna’s designers either – available in black and lucente/cobalt they feature a solid aluminum spine and are a fully adjustable mount for suspending the speakers or the amp on walls and ceilings.

The Scandyna range is available in 30 countries worldwide with the v dock selling for US$249, the amp available for US$699 and the Minipod and Micropod SE going for $849 and $199 a pair respectively.

For further info visit Scandyna.

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