Italian architectural studio Plus Ultra has recently transformed a modest 135-sq m (1,453-sq ft) apartment into a four bedroom, three bathroom family home. Located in Milan, the DMC Apartment boasts a light-filled, flowing interior that capitalizes on every inch of the home. To achieve this feat, the architects came up with an interior floorplan that eliminated many of the home's hard angles. By transforming the corners of the rooms into curved walls, the architects were able to maximize the floorspace and squeeze all the desired attributes into the home.

"Designing a home interior often means becoming 'curators' of clients' private lives, knowing their needs, their desires, and trying to direct them," says Plus Ultra. "In this project of about 135 square meters, we needed to fit 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. In order to distribute all these environments it was inevitable to transform part of the surface space into a circular direction."

The apartment's innovative floorplan features a modest entry; large master bedroom with private bathroom and full bath tub; children's playroom/bedroom with elevated loft-bed; an additional two bedrooms with an adjoining shared bathroom with full bath tub; guest bathroom; large modern kitchen and an open living/dining area.

The architects included a gorgeous custom-made iron glass feature wall, which separates the kitchen from the open living and dining room. With the main source of natural light coming from the two large windows in the living area, the glass wall allows the light to flow through into the kitchen. On the opposite side of the kitchen, a glass door leads into a single bedroom, also allowing the light to flow through into this additional space.

The kitchen is complete with beautiful granite benchtops and lots of integrated storage cupboards that take advantage of the home's tall ceilings. Built-in storage and furnishings are featured throughout the entire home, including floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes in all four bedrooms.

The children's playroom/bedroom boasts a custom-made wooden unit, complete with wardrobe and storage space. Additional storage can be found hidden within the wooden steps, which provide access to the elevated bed loft. This room in particular is designed to provide plenty of space for play or study, with enough extra room for additional bedding underneath the loft for guests.

Overall, the DMC Apartment is a surprisingly comfortable six room (excluding bathrooms) home, accommodating a large family of six or seven. The unconventional floorplan means its inhabitants never feel cramped, while clever space-saving furnishings take advantage of the home's tall ceilings, providing ample space for belongings and everyday living.

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