South Korean designer Seungji Mun has continued his trend of animal friendly furniture with his latest “Dog House Sofa” creation. We interviewed Mun in August when his interactive Cat Tunnel Sofa caught our eye, and he has subsequently lived up to his word of creating a design that he hopes will raise awareness about the issue of abandoned dogs.

Like Mun's earlier pieces, the Dog House Sofa has a modern design, and should appeal to dog lovers or pet-free households alike. The simple sofa seats two people, and features durable fabric upholstery and a solid ash wood frame.

On one side of the sofa, the large wooden armrest also doubles as a cozy dog house. This added feature offers indoor dogs a comfy padded and private area of their own, without feeling isolated from their owners. The unique dog house is positioned slightly lower than the seating area of the sofa, while an opening in the armrest allows owners to interact with their pets.

The architecture of the sofa is most suitable for small to medium sized dogs, as large dogs would probably take up most of the space. Furthermore, as the design is leather-free, it could easily be adaptable to cats or households with both cats and dogs.

“This Dog House Sofa is a tool to communicate and share feelings between human and pet,” says Mun. “Combining the sofa and dog house delivers [a] new space of communication between human and pet.”

The Dog House Sofa will be available for sale on the pet-dedicated website M Pup, with release dates and prices to be advised.

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