While you could wait around for the likes of Uber or eHang to develop human-carrying drones, not everyone has that kind of patience, least of all Youtube personality Casey Neistat. The part-time snowboarder, full-time vlogger has had his own human-toting multicopter built and dispatched on a mountainside, because chairlifts are for suckers. As is riding on the ground.

It takes a certain kind of daring to defy police orders go snowboarding through a New York City blizzard, but Neistat's latest already-viral-video takes things to a whole new level. Shot in Finland, the video shows the 35-year-old hitching a ride behind a purpose-built multicopter, kind of like wakeboarding (or dronesurfing) for the snow.

The drone is a huge, 16-rotor machine dressed in Christmas lights that apparently took almost a year to develop. And it's a good thing they took their time, because if there's a place you don't want a drone to fail it's when a madman dressed in a Santa suit is dangling from it with one arm.

You can see it all play out in the video below, and if you want more madness, check out this behind-the-scenes video.

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