You might think sharks have little to fear as they glide about the ocean, but dolphins and their relatives can be pretty cunning predators themselves. A drone has captured a rarely seen moment of maritime madness, filming a pack of false killer whales chase and kill a juvenile shark off the coast of Sydney, Australia.

Drone hobbyist and cinematographer Bruno Kataoka didn't set out to capture the event, but has landed himself a slice of footage that wouldn't look out of place in a professional wildlife documentary.

The footage shows a young shark being pursued by a pod of what experts say are false killer whales, the third largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. These whales are rarely seen in the area, but the unfamiliar location didn't seem to pose a problem as they trailed the shark through the water before snapping up some dinner.

"It's amazing, that kind of footage is just so rare to catch," Fantasea Marine Biologist Georgina Wood told Australia's Channel 7 News.

You can check out the chase in the video below.