There’s no doubt a lick of paint improves the appearance of your house, but when it comes to actually doing, it's a chore most of us would prefer to avoid. Dulux hopes to make the job cleaner, easier and faster with the new Weathershield BackPack Roller system. Once you've attached the power unit to the paint pack you just drop it into the ergonomically designed rucksack, switch it on and you’re ready to go – no more paint trays, spills or running up and down ladders to reload the brush. And Dulux says you'll get the job done twice as fast as a brush.

The system uses a battery-powered pump and a lightweight trigger on the roller handle to control and dispense the flow of paint, giving a smooth, even finish. When you're done, cleaning is as simple as attaching it to a tap with the supplied adaptor and flushing the tube and pump.

The rucksack has padded straps and is fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. It also offers three contact points with the ladder for safety.

The system is designed to work with Dulux Weathershield BackPack Roller System Smooth Masonry Paint which provides a UV-resistant film for longer lasting protection against extreme weather conditions and comes with a 15 year guarantee. The paint comes in the five most popular masonry colors as well as white, and is rainproof in half an hour.

There's also a range of accessories including an Extension Pole and an Edging Kit that's designed for keeping hands free when working from a ladder.

Dulux Weathershield BackPack Roller System has a RRP of £49.99 in the UK (around USD$80), with 5 liter paint £20.99 for white and £24.99 in other colors.

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