March 11, 2009 Designed for workplace applications which place large demands on your laptop like manufacturing, military, mining and oil and gas exploration, Dell's new rugged laptop - the Latitude E6400 XFR - boasts "ballistic armor" said to provide twice the impact strength of Magnesium alloy, plus higher drop specifications and enhanced protection against dust and water.

The news on the new XFR

The XFR features the exclusive Ballistic Armor Protection System featuring PR-481, which Dell says leverages a "high-strength substance" used for applications such as cryogenics, aircraft components, military equipment and medical devices.

Features of Ballistic Armor include:

  • Twice the impact strength of magnesium alloy;
  • 25 percent higher drop specification than any computer in its class – up to four feet with system powered down and closed and up to 36-inch drop test with the unit operating and LCD open;
  • High compression strength for outstanding impact protection;
  • Structural stability at extreme temperatures; and,
  • Scratch resistance providing corrosion protection.

The XFR also features what's dubbed PrimoSeal Technology to enhance protection from dust and liquid using compression gaskets that deliver a higher level of ingress protection, or shielding from dust and moisture. The fully rugged laptop is engineered and independently tested to more than 13 military standards for operation in challenging environments. It shares common images and components with the Dell Latitude E6400 laptops for easy integration into existing environments. Additional features and performance of the XFR

  • Intel Core 2 Duo processors and vPro™ technology for improved management and advanced security;
  • QuadCool Thermal Management System which allows the XFR to meet the MIL-STD 810F for temperature extremes and improved performance – a fully configured Latitude E6400 XFR performs up to 90 percent faster than the Panasonic CF30;
  • That the XFR performs up to 167 percent faster than the Panasonic CF30 in graphics-intensive applications;
  • Utilizes ExpressCharge which enables battery re-charge up to two times faster than Panasonic CF-30;
  • At 2.2 inches thick and starting at 8.5 pounds, the XFR is claimed by Del to be 15 percent thinner and up to 5 percent lighter than the previous generation XFR;
  • Has field-ready options which includes an in-vehicle docking solution, 12-cell rugged battery slice, E-family docking and legacy I/O adapter;
  • Has a 14.1-inch wide display including DirectVue Technology – to enable customers to work in direct sunlight on a screen that features impact resistance; and,
  • Optional Dell Pro Support service offerings.

The system is available today in the U.S., Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. It starts at USD$4,299.

Via: Dell.

David Greig

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