In the world of skyscraper design, thin is most definitely in at the moment, and several svelte upmarket residential towers are currently proposed for Manhattan. ODA New York's East 44th Street arguably trumps its rivals in the luxury stakes however, as it will offer some residents their own spacious sky-high garden.

East 44th Street is slated for location amongst familiar landmarks like the Chrysler Building, Trump Tower, and the United Nations Headquarters. The building will comprise a total of 41 floors and 44 units, with a total footprint of just 48 x 65 ft (14.6 x 19 m).

The lower section of the tower will be unbroken, but the upper section will be separated every two floors, thus creating a total of 11 16-ft (4.87-m)-high garden terraces that take up an entire 2,800 sq ft (260 sq m) floor. Each garden floor will be split in half though, so one apartment's occupants will go upstairs to their outdoor space, while the other will go downstairs, ensuring everyone in this part of the tower has their own private sky-high garden.

"By 'stretching' the building vertically beyond its original program, we were able to create gaps, 16 feet [4.87 m] in height, between every two floors," explains Eran Chen, founder and executive director of ODA New York, regarding the tower's design.

The gardens will offer residents plenty of natural light and fresh air, plus an enviable view of Manhattan's famous skyline, but potential issues are plenty: what if a gust of wind sends an avid gardener to their doom? Can the tower really remain suitably stable with such large open sections?

ODA New York is sure to have such concerns well in hand though, as the skyscraper is due to begin construction in April or May next year. The project is being developed by Triangle Assets.

Source: ODA New York

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