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Eastpak Sofa has more storage than you'll know what to do with

Eastpak Sofa has more storage ...
The Eastpak Sofa has pockets everywhere
The Eastpak Sofa has pockets everywhere
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The Eastpak Sofa has pockets everywhere
The Eastpak Sofa has pockets everywhere
The Eastpak Sofa in black
The Eastpak Sofa in black
The Eastpak Sofa is stylish . . . or maybe it's the models
The Eastpak Sofa is stylish . . . or maybe it's the models
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For anyone who has a ton of stuff in their house that they just cannot find a place for, this new Eastpak sofa might be right up their alley. It's sort of like a backpack and couch combined into one piece of furniture. It has pockets for your tablet, laptop, remote and almost anything else you could want to store in your couch.

This couch might look a little odd, but for people in small spaces where storage is at a premium, it could be a useful fix. It has pockets in a range of sizes, so you can fit all kinds of things in it – the fact is, only so much stuff can be shoved under the couch and in the closet.

The couch is made of polyurethane foam and Cordura, which are similar to what you would find on most backpacks. This makes it durable and able to withstand an active lifestyle without ripping. Of course, it might not be the most comfortable thing to sit on, but sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

The couch comes in red and black and is available for purchase now. It will set you back €1,639 (US$2,119). If you have a small apartment and a ton of stuff, this might be the couch you have always dreamed of, even if it is probably not the most comfortable thing you will sit on in your lifetime.

Source: Singulier via Oh Gizmo

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Bill Bennett
Captain Clutter sighs,,, snip>Only available for Metropolitan France unsnip< sigh, bummer, truly a bummer, I was gonna order it
This is GREAT! I'm sure this will be **very** popular!
It looks more like a sofa-cover from the pictures. - If it was a complete solution I would have expected drawers in the hollow parts of the sofa structure, i.e. in those massive arm rests and the bottom of the seat. It would have looked a bit tidier with only a few well placed drawers.
@Riaanh I was thinking the same thing. It looks like a decent amount of unused space arms and even the back of the couch. It seems like a dumb idea to use the back of the couch to storage but I'm sure if there is space there people will store something there. Rarely used items like board games or decorations would do, even spare blankets/pillows for guests maybe.
I still like the idea though.
Joseph Breton
...this is a terrific idea, particularly for the cabin or chalet where space is limited and the practicality of the use is more important than esthetics. I would however have two suggestions for the manufacturer, ONE; to also make it longer so one can sleep on it , TWO; make that very same regular size turn into a bed!, ....... and that would make the difference for me, . . .I would buy one then, . . but not as it is now.
Local Lord
quite useful when take it on your holiday.