Back in November 2017, a new generation of the Tesla Roadster was revealed, with production scheduled to start in 2020. Skip forward to February this year, and the Roadster made global headlines again. But this time it was Elon Musk's own Roadster, which was launched into space atop a Falcon Heavy rocket. Now Musk has announced that a special option package for the upcoming Roadster will see the electric sportster packing small "rocket" thrusters, adding that "maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly ..."

Musk says that the SpaceX package could contain as many as 10 thrusters "arranged seamlessly around the car." These will not be actual rockets, but COPV bottles – essentially ultra high pressure air containers. The additions are promised to dramatically improve acceleration for the already insanely fast Roadster, which will be able to zip from standstill to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds sans "rocket" boost.

To squeeze the air bottles into the sporty electric convertible, the rear seating would be sacrificed. But this is no great loss, since Musk is now calling them kids seats, confirming the tight fit for any adult passengers.

Spent air from the thrusters would be refilled immediately using the Roadster's batteries to power air pumps, which in lesser electric vehicles may be a reduced range concern. But since the 2020 Roadster is promised to have a single charge range of 620 miles, that's unlikely to bother owners too much.

Musk humor? It would appear not, as the SpaceX and Tesla CEO has already added some slim details to the original Tweet.

Source: Elon Musk

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