German pro audio gear maker Elysia is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a limited run of its 500 series hardware modules. The front panel of each karacter, nvelope, xfilter and xpressor module is made from recycled vinyl records.

Elysia's two channel karacter module was designed to color the sound, providing anything from valve-like distortion to complete sonic madness. The nvelope 500 Class A audio processor offers control over attack and sustain, while the xfilter four-band equalizer provide control over tonal shaping and the xpressor is a Class A stereo compressor.

The Automated Processes Inc. 500 format modules normally wear a blue front with silver colored knobs. The Vinyl Allstars edition panels feature a unique groove pattern based on the black vinyl records they were crafted from, which is attached to a powder-coated steel base plate for stability. You don't need to worry about scratches or warping as the vinyl is protected by a sepia-colored layer of acrylic.

They sport silkscreen graphics and come with anodized matte black aluminum knobs made specially for the anniversary edition modules. They will even come with a set of matching lens head screws to complete the aesthetic.

Each module is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, and the Vinyl Allstars are available now for the same street price as the standard 500 series modules (US$975).

Source: Elysia

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