The motorcycle air conditioner (no, really)

The motorcycle air conditioner...
The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system
The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system
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The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system
The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system
The wireless EntroSys control unit
The wireless EntroSys control unit
The EntroSys A/C unit, mounted on the back of a bike
The EntroSys A/C unit, mounted on the back of a bike
The EntroSys air delivery vest
The EntroSys air delivery vest
The EntroSys motorcycle A/C system, delivering cooling air to the rider
The EntroSys motorcycle A/C system, delivering cooling air to the rider
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Yes, a motorcycle air conditioner. As you can see in the picture, though, it’s not as dumb as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty clever. Haven’t you ever watched bikers riding around in the summer heat wearing full leathers, and wondered how they can stand it? They can’t. They’re boiling to death in there. Some opt to wear shorts and T-shirts instead, but from a safety standpoint... it’s not a sensible alternative, let’s put it that way. What is sensible is a process that pumps cooled air into a vest that the rider wears under their jacket. And that’s just what the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system is.

EntroSys was invented by physicist Glen Guttman, who found inspiration one hot summer day in the form of a sweaty biker acquaintance. In the years that followed, he worked on developing and perfecting the system. The air conditioning unit itself uses NASA-based solid-state technology, instead of a bulky compressor. This lets it remain relatively small, lightweight and energy-efficient (it draws power solely from the bike’s electrical system). It also doesn’t incorporate any environmentally-harmful gases.

The A/C unit connects to the air delivery vest via a flexible hose, and can be operated via the wireless bar-mounted remote control unit.

The EntroSys air delivery vest
The EntroSys air delivery vest

“But Gizmag,” you may be saying, “I live in a northern climate where we only get two months of hot weather a year.” Well, are you ready for this? EntroSys can also serve as a HEATER. Not only could it extend the biking season, but it could also be used on ATV’s and snowmobiles. It can also just blow untreated air, for those in-between days.

If you're looking to get into the motorcycle A/C biz, Guttman is currently seeking funds for production and marketing. He is already taking pre-orders, and tells us that he has had a tremendous response - obviously a lot of hot bikers out there. Hmmm, perhaps that means the time is right for launching my motorcycle sunroof...

Motorcycle Air Conditioning by EntroSys

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Craig Jennings
Ah bimetallic element, good for what ails ya. Very ummm.... cool idea. Bikers are quite into aesthetics so lugging around a 80\'s vacuum cleaner on your pilly seat may be slightly offputting, nothing a nice piece of design can\'t fix though ;) God the amount of times I\'d wished for something like this, hahaha.
Oz Nerd
This is awesome! Summer in Sydney can reach 40C which is like riding inside a massive hair dryer on extra hot! This jacket would make life much more bearable... especially if I ever move to the even hotter climes of Brisbane...
an optional extra of a tube to the crotch too? ahhhhhhh...
In the big picture of things, this unit would save lives. By reducing the tendency to reduce safety clothing for the sake of comfort, this A/C unit would allow bikers to wear the full safety jackets and pants that will reduce injury and death.
\'Bout time something like this has been invented.
I agree it needs to look a bit \"cooler\" (pun intended). Black or color matching to the bike with some amount of customization would be great. Or at least be made of something the owner could take to a paint or pinstripe shop for customization.
An optional full suit would be nice. I\'m sure they will come up with something nicer looking. I have many friends in to the bikes with all the compartments on them, like the Goldwing type bikes. Be a great place to install one of those units to disguise it.
More like a sledgehammer to crack a nut, there\'s absolutely no need for an electrically-driven device when a small water repository, radiator and a damp t-shirt does the trick. The problem that needs to be solved - and that this device singularly fails to address, is NOT the temperature of the rider, but the hydration. A rider becomes dehydrated long before body temperature soars because of the cooling/wicking effect of the wind. Use this and you run just as great a risk of losing concentration, but now you won\'t feel it until too late. This doesn\'t work on the helmet and its BRAIN, not BODY temperature that affects performance...
And solutions have existed for that in the bike fraternity for decades. As for riding without protection, well you can have your cake and eat it these days.
That said however, incorporated into a more modern semi-enclosed design of modern two wheeler, this could be a useful tool in removing hot and cold spots in the `cabin` and creating a `micro-climate` for the rider to improve comfort, but don\'t sell it as a safety tool.
fairing kits
WOW didn\'t know such things exist really, for a motorcycle..
Such motorcycle airconditioner would really compliment the beautiful fairing kits these guys have!
Sean Roe
We here in Arizona are looking forward to this piece of kit. Im a scooter dork so Ill have to give up my top case for it...but hey Im all for it.
Dave B13
Well if you have a jet turbine powered motorcycle you could bleed air from the compressor end for one of these gadgets:
Herbert Bishop
Your idea is so amazing! I do not see same as your motorcycle . You are very creative. Keep it up!