Yes, a motorcycle air conditioner. As you can see in the picture, though, it’s not as dumb as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty clever. Haven’t you ever watched bikers riding around in the summer heat wearing full leathers, and wondered how they can stand it? They can’t. They’re boiling to death in there. Some opt to wear shorts and T-shirts instead, but from a safety standpoint... it’s not a sensible alternative, let’s put it that way. What is sensible is a process that pumps cooled air into a vest that the rider wears under their jacket. And that’s just what the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system is.

EntroSys was invented by physicist Glen Guttman, who found inspiration one hot summer day in the form of a sweaty biker acquaintance. In the years that followed, he worked on developing and perfecting the system. The air conditioning unit itself uses NASA-based solid-state technology, instead of a bulky compressor. This lets it remain relatively small, lightweight and energy-efficient (it draws power solely from the bike’s electrical system). It also doesn’t incorporate any environmentally-harmful gases.

The A/C unit connects to the air delivery vest via a flexible hose, and can be operated via the wireless bar-mounted remote control unit.

“But Gizmag,” you may be saying, “I live in a northern climate where we only get two months of hot weather a year.” Well, are you ready for this? EntroSys can also serve as a HEATER. Not only could it extend the biking season, but it could also be used on ATV’s and snowmobiles. It can also just blow untreated air, for those in-between days.

If you're looking to get into the motorcycle A/C biz, Guttman is currently seeking funds for production and marketing. He is already taking pre-orders, and tells us that he has had a tremendous response - obviously a lot of hot bikers out there. Hmmm, perhaps that means the time is right for launching my motorcycle sunroof...

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