The mid-1980s was a particularly successful time for guitarist George Thorogood – from his chilling Bad to the Bone that perfectly matched the mood of the movie Christine to his captivating performance at Live Aid. The guitar he played throughout his career has now inspired a limited edition Epiphone dubbed White Fang.

For much of his career, Thorogood has had a favorite guitar model – the Gibson ES-125, entry-level archtops that he rocked 'til they dropped. "Playing heavy rock wore them down as the years went on," he recently told Epiphone. "So, my folks kept repairing my guitars and they kept falling apart and the sound kept getting weaker.

"Because they were old. I said, Well I guess I'm through playing. If they don't make any new ES-125s I'm gonna have to stop. And people in my organization said: 'You're gonna quit because you don't have the right guitar?' And they said wait a minute – let us make a phone call. And that's when they called Epiphone."

The "White Fang" ES-125TDC Outfit looks very similar to the single-cut guitar that was used at Live Aid, with a "bone white" finish, black P-90 single coil pickups, floating bridge and trapeze tailpiece. The limited edition comes with a removable cobra sticker behind the volume/tone knobs, a hand-signed certificate of authenticity, and Thorogood's signature reproduced on the back of the headstock too.

The body is maple, the 20-fret neck mahogany with a pau ferro fingerboard and perloid dot inlays, and the hardware nickel. The White Fang also rocks Wilkinson Deluxe tuners.

Thorogood reckons that the new Epiphone is more responsive than vintage Gibsons. "My attack doesn't have to be as strong," revealed the iconic player. "Before I had to beat the instrument. Now I get response on the higher notes. My Epiphone is built for the sound in my head. This gives me the response that I need.

"My new signature ES-125s are like a thoroughbred horse I have to hold back. Woah! That's the way it should be. You should have more to work with than less. That's when it gets fun. And I think I deserve a little fun at this point."

The Limited Edition George Thorogood "White Fang" ES-125TDC Outfit carries a suggested retail price of US$1,498, and as its full moniker suggests, it won't be available forever. You can see Thorogood demo the guitar in the video below.

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