Quite possibly the best-looking large camping trailer at this year's CMT show in Stuttgart, Eriba's new Touring 820 becomes the flagship of the much-loved, six decades-old Touring lineup. The new trailer includes an elegant, comfortable interior to complement its good looks and a standard digital smart home system that offers seamless monitoring via an interior control panel and smartphone app.

The long, sleek shell of the Touring 820 is supported by Eriba's tried-and-true steel cage construction. Much like a teardrop trailer or Airstream, the aluminum-skinned Eriba Touring's looks are recognized the world over, helping make the trailer Eriba's most successful. The 28-foot (8.5-m)-long 820 stretches things out but stays true to the Touring look.

The windows of the Touring 820 only add to its aesthetic appeal; the large wraparound front and rear windshields are complemented by a central porthole-style window on the driver's side. The subtle dual-tone shading and striping further sharpen the look, ensuring the new trailer is every bit as distinctive as its smaller siblings.

The 820 invites you in with its good looks, and once you step inside the entryway, it makes you want to stay with an elegant interior. The added length and height of the trailer mean that the pop-up roof on smaller Touring models is unnecessary, the 820's fixed roof offering just over 6.6 feet (2 m) of standing height. The rounded furniture takes inspiration from modern yacht design, and a fully blended array of dark and light materials and finishes creates vibrant contrast throughout. The leather upholstery comes standard.

Eriba carves out a well-defined kitchen nook, the countertop curving upwards into the side wall, which itself rises to the ceiling and wraps over top the cabinetry and counter, splitting the kitchen off into a dedicated space, not just a standing cabinet-style block. Cleanly integrated recessed shelving in the side wall and a slide-out coffeemaker tray keep things neat and clutter-free. The rectangular Thetford dual-burner stove mounted atop the counter adds to the neat, strong aesthetic. A 152-L refrigerator/freezer hangs on the wall just next to the main kitchen area.

The spacious dry bathroom across from the kitchen includes separate shower and toilet/sink sections. The sink area even includes a built-in toothbrush holder, offering some of the organization of home.

The front and rear ends of the trailer are where travelers will spend their leisure time. Up front, the dinette lounge basks in the light rushing through the wraparound windshield. At the rear, the longitudinal V-bed finds a comfortable middle ground between couple's double and dual singles. The trailer sleeps up to four people when the dinette is converted to a second bed.

Eriba takes a big step into the digital era by equipping the 820 standard with its new Smart Home system, a control/monitoring system accessible from both the built-in digital control panel and an accompanying mobile app. This system lets owners easily manage the levels of battery charge, fresh and waste water, and gas.

Other standard onboard equipment includes a roof-mounted air conditioner, floor heating/hot water system and 50-L fresh water tank. Available options include a solar system and multimedia pack with 32-in TV and satellite connectivity.

The 4,365-lb (1,980-lb) Touring 820 will launch in Europe in Spring 2019 with a base price of €74,990 (approx. US$85,300).

Source: Eriba/Hymer

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