Earlier this year we heard about a multi-story skatepark set to take skaters to another level. Here's one that shows them the light. Designed by South Korean artist Koo Jeong A, Evertro is said to be the UK's first glow-in-the-dark skatepark.

Situated in the Everton area of Liverpool, Evertro is intended primarily as a public art installation, with the aims of engaging the local community during its design and providing an exciting, sculptural installation once complete.

Designed and built in partnership with Wheelscape Skateparks, the facility is part of wider proposals to develop Everton Park and is one of four wheels parks produced and built in Liverpool. It is hoped that it will help to revitalize the Everton Park area, which itself is being redeveloped.

Jeong A, who has previously worked on a glow-in-the-dark skatepark in France, worked with local community and youth groups in order to design a facility suited to skaters and BMX bikers. It is said to mix familiar skating forms and features with new sculptural elements, resulting in a "a unique space for experimentation." There is also a training area and a BMX track.

Certain sections at the center of the skatepark have been chosen to glow. Jeong A tells Gizmag that the team carried out research into the potential use of eco-friendly bioluminescent pigments, but that ultimately water-based bioluminescent paint was used. In addition to being eye-catching, the glow-in-the-dark elements will allow skaters to use the park for longer as it gets dark.

Work on the Evertro project began in January this year. An official opening took place at the beginning of this month and the park is expected to be fully finished within two months.

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