Exhale Gloves inject a breath of warm air on hands

Exhale Gloves inject a breath of warm air on hands
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November 13, 2004 This innovative, high performance winter sports glove allows wearers to use their breath to inject a quick blast of warm air onto their hands without removing their gloves. By exhaling into the port, warm air is directed to the fingertips, instantly warming the hands. Since their introduction last year 180s Performance Gloves have been utilising the patent-pending Exhale Heating System to protect athletes participating in various outdoor activities.

Results from 180s market research inspired the development of the 180s Exhale Heating System. The findings showed that 91 percent of consumers get cold fingers even while wearing gloves. Most notably, the research indicated that 82 percent of snow sport participants remove their gloves to breathe on their hands for warmth. This common behaviour of removing one's gloves exposes cold, damp hands to the winter air, causing further discomfort. 180s Exhale Heating System improves upon this familiar habit by allowing users to keep their gloves on.

"Our research and development team designed the 180s gloves with the 180s Exhale Heating System specifically to solve the problems expressed by glove consumers - cold hands even while wearing gloves and exposing hands to the cold air when blowing on them to keep warm," commented Brian Le Gette, co-CEO and founder of 180s. "We created an innovative solution that allows our consumers to focus on their intended activity, enabling them to perform at their highest level without worrying about the outside elements."

All 180s gloves with the 180s Exhale Heating System retail for approximately US$60 and contain the following technologies: the 180s(tm) Exhale Heating System, lightweight, water-resistant Primaloft insulation, providing warmth and comfort, articulated design, allowing hands to remain in the most natural curved position for comfort and dexterity, warm fleece lining for next-to-skin comfort and magnetic closure over the Exhale port for easy one-hand access. Performance gloves are also available with one-hand gauntlet closure, cord lock, zip clip for easy-on/easy-off flexibility and nose wipe fabric.

180s Exhale Performance Gloves are now available in a wider selection of styles, including the Patrol - an insulated glove for cold weather snow sports, the Spring - a light glove with a removable liner for milder days, and the Terrain - a multi-functional, dexterous glove for multi-sport activities. This next generation of 180s Performance Gloves utilizes high-quality fabrics, such as heat-retaining Primaloft One insulation to ensure ultimate warmth, and weatherproof EPIC by Nextec to ensure water-and wind-resistance with breathability. Some styles offer an additional waterproof, breathable liner to further protect athletes from the cold, wet winter weather.

"Year round athletes have difficulty staying both warm and comfortable during the winter months when conditions are harsh and unpredictable," said Rick Olson, vice president and general manager of 180s. "With our new lines of ear warmers and gloves, 180s has remedied many of the shortcomings found in traditional cold weather gear. The combination of unique, patented and patent-pending technologies and high performance, lightweight fabrics enable athletes to focus on their goals - not on their gear or the weather."

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