While heads up displays are becoming more common in new vehicles, that still leaves most of us staring down at the dashboard for our driving information. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, the list of add-on HUD options designed to fit any car is growing rapidly. Joining that list is Exploride – a 6-inch heads up display with a comprehensive set of features that can be accessed through simple voice and hand gestures.

The Exploride provides a combination of metrics like speed and fuel consumption (provided via an OBDII adaptor), plus access to music, calls, text, social media and navigation via Google Maps. It works with both Android and Apple iOS smart phones and under the hood there's a quad core processor with an available 2GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. Maps can be dowloaded into the internal memory for use offline and the device also comes with 1 GB of dedicated cloud space.

Built-in apps include Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Facebook and Twitter, with the possibility of adding more apps as they are approved and supported by Exploride. You can also stream your playlists from your personal music collection.

The system includes in-built microphones with noise cancellation and a dashcam that allows you to record your trips or provide visual evidence in case of insurance claims.

Power is provided through a multi-adaptor that plugs into your car’s charger socket and a semi-adhesive suction cup holds it on your dashboard.

Exploride's creators recently raised over US$500,000 via IndieGoGo, where the pre-order price of $299 is still available. The company says it will start shipping review and early bird units of the Exploride in January 2016 before it hits retail markets at a price of $499.

The promo video below runs through the features of the device.

Source: Exploride

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