The Eye-fi Pro X2 adds to Eye-Fi Inc.’s already established range of Wi-fi enabled SD cards, bringing with it more grunt in terms of storage and speed. On top of an 8GB capacity, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 card features Class 6 read and write speeds of around 6MB/s. As with previous Eye-Fi cards, users are able to wirelessly transfer their photos to PC’s, and social networking sites like Flickr and Facebook, with the Pro X2’s built in 802.11n radio offering increased Wi-fi range.

On top of the increased write speeds and storage capacity, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 introduces the “Endless Memory Mode” feature. This enables the card to use integrated networking to check if files have been successfully uploaded online. Once they have, files are deleted, beginning with the oldest, to free up space on the card. The Pro X2 automatically geotags photos as well as creating an ad hoc connection to a PC when away from a wireless router.

Eye-Fi has also announced the Eye-Fi Centre desktop application, allowing a user to not only manage images and video captured on the Eye-fi Pro X2, but other files already on their PC. The recipient of an International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 is available to pre-order for US$149.99.

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