From today, employees everywhere finally have a good reason to spend all day using Facebook. The social network has rolled out Workplace, a productivity platform for businesses aimed at helping employees to "connect, communicate and collaborate."

Workplace was originally created as a means for helping Facebook run itself. For the last year, though, it's been getting tested in other companies under the guise of Facebook at Work and it has now been made available for any organization to use as Workplace.

Many of the features of Workplace have been pulled over from standard Facebook, such as news feeds, groups, chat and event organizing. It's possible to make voice and video calls too and there's the added bonus that most employees will already be familiar with the interface, making it easier to introduce and train people to the system more easily than on other similar platforms, such as Slack.

There are also number of additional features that are due to roll out in the coming weeks. These include an analytics dashboard and a means of integrating the platform with an organization's other IT systems, such as G Suite, Okta, OneLogin, Ping, or Windows Azure AD.

The multi-company group function, meanwhile, will allow people from different organizations to work together on a shared project. The platform offers unlimited file, photo, and video storage, monitoring tools for IT teams and one-to-one support for administrators.

Crucially, Workplace accounts are completely separate from personal Facebook accounts, ensuring there's no blurring of the personal and professional spaces and no danger of any embarrassing weekend photos finding their way to colleagues via Workplace. Indeed, you don't even need a personal Facebook account to use Workplace. It's also completely ad free.

Workplace can be accessed online or via apps for Android and iOS. It is priced at US$3 per user for up to 1,000 monthly active users, $2 per user for 1,001 to 10,000 and $1 per user for 10,001 and above. Non-profits and educational institutions can get use it for free.

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