Tired of waiting for pour-over brewing and turned off by the grit left at the bottom of his cup by French presses (or cafetieres), Fellow founder Jake Mille assembled a team of designers to tackle the age old challenge of making a decent cup of coffee. The result is Duo.

In designing the Duo, Miller and his team were aiming to produce something that could brew a full-bodied cup of coffee without leaving any grounds in the bottom of the cup. They created more than 50 different prototypes and over tested more than 60 different filter combinations tested along the way.

The dual-chamber, dual-filter Duo steeper is simple to use. Users scoop their coarse ground coffee into the stainless steel upper chamber, pour in hot water, stir and leave it for 3-4 minutes.

Once the brewing time is complete, a twist mechanism allows the users to release the mixture through the patent pending dual filter – a basket filter followed by a secondary finer filter, which are designed to remove all grains from the coffee as it flows down into a glass vessel.

Having removed all of the grounds, it's possible to let the coffee sit in the vessel without it over-extracting. Up to four cups can be made in one go.

The Duo can be also used for iced coffee and for tea. It is straightforward to clean and only stainless steel, glass and silicone are used, avoiding any health concerns about other materials.

The Fellow Duo is available to pre-order for US$85 and is expected to begin shipping before mid-year.

Source: Fellow
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