Part of what you buy with a Bentley is a sense of exclusivity, but that can quickly evaporate with the ignominy of having to queue at the gas station like everyone else. The British marque is currently trialing a new "concierge fuel service," though, where drivers can bypass the pump altogether and choose exactly where and when their vehicle is refueled.

The service is being provided in partnership with US startup Filld, which currently operates in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Filld is a mobile app-based fuel delivery service, with users able to have their vehicle refueled where and when they want.

Once an order has been placed, a Filld driver then delivers the fuel in one of the firm's specialized fuel transport vehicles. The drivers all have commercial class C licenses, TSA clearance and HAZMAT certification. Payment is arranged via the app and refueling cost is based on the lowest price of the three nearest gas stations, with an additional delivery fee of around US$3.

For Bentley, the service is being provided via a special "Filld for Bentley" app and forms part of its Connected Car strategy. Such is the connected integration that the app directs the delivery driver to the exact location of the car. Furthermore, gas flap access is provided to the delivery driver via the app.

Bentley suggests future iterations of the app could feature "predictive fuel ordering," which will mean that drivers won't even have to place an order themselves. Instead, it will be possible for orders will be made automatically based on a car's fuel level, a car's location or a customer other preferences.

The three-month trial is due to be completed in around two weeks. Bentley will use the results of the trial to determine if the Filld for Bentley service will enjoy a wider roll-out.

Source: Bentley

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