Last month, DJI released the Phantom 3 Standard drone, which slotted in below the Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 Professional in the company's lineup. At the time, DJI promised compatibility with a series of intelligent flight modes would be forthcoming in a software update and the company has now delivered on that promise.

Announced at IFA, the new firmware update that will be available on September 7 will bring a total of five intelligent flight modes to all Phantom 3 models, four of which will also be available for the Inspire 1. The modes, which all require a strong GPS signal, are as follows:

  • Waypoints: allows the recording of a complex flight path that the drone will follow autonomously. Pilots can adjust the angle of the camera while following the flight path, which can be saved for repeating at a later time.
  • Point of Interest: will see the drone circle a point, keeping the camera centered on a target the entire time. The pilot only needs to set the point of focus, altitude, distance and speed and the drone will do the rest.
  • Follow Me: as the name suggests, the drone will follow the pilot (well, technically the transmitter and smartphone) at a fixed altitude and distance. This is the one mode not available for the Inspire 1.
  • Course Lock: activating this mode will make all flight controls relative to the drone's current heading, regardless of the direction the camera is pointing.
  • Home Lock: similar to course lock, but makes the flight controls always relative to the pilot.

DJI also announced the firmware upgrade will up the maximum video resolution of the Phantom 3 Advanced from 1080p/60fps to 2704x1520p/30fps, which brings it in line with the Phantom 3 Standard.

Source: DJI

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