If you’re looking for some hardware-based protection to supplement data encryption on your USB memory stick, you might want to consider the Flash Drive Lock. The combination lock fits to the end of any standard USB memory stick and can’t be removed without inputting the correct three-digit code, thereby preventing any nefarious types from inserting the drive into a computer’s USB slot.

The Flash Drive Lock allows the user to set their own three-digit code and the distributors claim the lock is a must for any office computer user, especially civil servants, who must be a particularly nosy bunch. The lock probably won’t prevent any determined sticky beaks, so users wouldn’t want to discard any encryption tools being used to protect data from prying eyes, but the device could deter casual snoops.

The Flash Drive Lock is available in red or silver for UKP£5.95 for a single unit, or UKP£9.90 for two.