For purity of design and construction, the Flux chair is hard to beat. Fashioned out of a single piece of completely recyclable polypropylene, the Flux turns itself into a flat, self-contained “envelope” for ease of transport or storage. But then, in ten seconds, it can be folded out to transform into a beautiful piece of designer furniture.

Winner of the 2009 Phillips Innovation Award, the judges commended Flux as “simple, innovative and easy to use.” While furniture made of folded plastic isn’t that unusual, what makes Flux distinctive is the use of curved foldlines - which gives the chair its fluent form - and integrating the fasteners into the single sheet design. The designers were also careful to keep its true purpose carefully hidden when folded down – it looks more like an artist’s folio than a potential seat.

Weighing only five kilos, the Flux is light enough to carry and the polypropylene makes it suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Available in black or white, it can be ordered online from Flux for €129.00 (USD$180) but is presently only shipping within Europe.

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