For those unable to make the early screenings, navigating the online minefield of storyline giveaways for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be nigh on impossible. But one forward-thinking developer has got your back. The Force Block extension for Chrome scans the dark side of the web to shun such spoilers and preserve the plot's purity for your own precious premiere.

If the hype is any indication, it won't take long after the franchise's seventh installment premieres for the internet to be abuzz with spoilers of the juiciest twists and turns. Rather than shutting off his internet and hiding in a dark room, the CEO of digital content firm Priceless Misc Matt Tyndall is on the front foot.

The Force Block extension for Google Chrome uses pattern detection to scan webpages for Star Wars content before they are displayed. The database of keywords includes generic Star Wars terms and a bunch of key phrases sourced from people who have actually seen the film.

If a possible spoiler is detected, then the page is blocked and the user receives a warning. They then have the option of continuing anyway or whitelisting the page if they feel it is spoiler-free.

You can download the extension here.

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