Based on the automaker's lane-keeping assist systems for cars, Ford's Lane-Keeping Bed was engineered to keep partners together in bed, with everyone sharing. We can't vouch for its comfort as a mattress, but it apparently does keep bed hogs in their place.

Drawing on studies to show why a Lane-Keeping Bed is necessary, Ford engineers found that one in four people in a relationship sleeps better alone, and that sleep loss can result in injuries and accidents. Separate beds have been the solution for some sleep-deprived couples. Keeping those couples together, Ford says, is important.

Hence the Lane-Keeping Bed, which is shown in the video below. The bed rotates its "mattress" on a conveyor belt, centering the bed's occupants. The positions of those people are ascertained through weight sensors in the bed. These sensors work in a way similar to the radar and camera sensors on a Ford car equipped with lane-keeping assist, keeping the vehicle centered between its lane's markings.

The Lane-Keeping Bed is part of the Ford Interventions program, which is intended to solve everyday problems with solutions taken from automotive design.

Source: Ford