Californian SSD manufacturer Foremay has announced a new addition to its OC177 storage family. Despite being smaller than a U.S. quarter coin, the company's first disk-on-chip (DOC) solution will be available in capacities up to 64GB, supporting both standard IDE or SATA host interface, in addition to complying with ATA-7 specifications. The new DOC drive is mounted directly onto a motherboard which, the company says, negates the need for a separate storage drive while offering devices some rugged credentials.

Foremay says that the DOC solid state drive solution has been specifically designed for rugged embedded computing in compact devices like slim notebooks, tablets, GPS navigators, personal media players, and smartphones. The claimed unprecedented vibration, shock, and drop resistance will also make the chips an attractive option for military, defense and aerospace applications.

"The DOC can be soldered directly onto the motherboard via its LGA or BGA pins, which also significantly enhances the anti-shock and anti-vibration performance from DOC equipped computers," said Foremay's Jack Winters.

The company is currently shipping the new 22 x 22 x 1.8 mm (0.86 x 0.86 x 0.07-inch) drive in capacities up to 32GB – which is said to have a read speed of up to 70MB/s and write of 40MB/s. 64GB versions have been penciled in for Q3 availability.