3D printers are fantastic, but you're unlikely to see someone carrying one with them to a maker faire, or anywhere else for that matter. Elecfreaks is aiming to provide a portable option for the growing 3D printer market with Freaks3D – a unit that's around the size of an average laptop.

Freaks3D weighs in at about 6.5 pounds (3kg), and stands 11.4 inches, by 12.6 inches, by 12.8 inches (29cm x 32cm x 32.5cm). It's portability is also boosted by low power consumption, which means it can run off a USB power bank when a traditional outlet isn't available. The creators also say that the printer doesn't require any preheating to get going.

There is a downside of course – you won't be able to print particularly large things from it. The build volume of 5-inches by 6-inches by 4-inches. It can work with PLA or TPU for materials and features a layer resolution of 100 microns, which is comparable to other portable 3D printers on the market.

Everything about the printer is controlled with a small LCD screen, where users can print from files stored on an SD card, or though the USB port.

Elecfreaks has turned to Indiegogo for its crowdfunding campaign, and it has already blown past its small US$20,000 goal. This isn't the company's first foray into crowdfunding, having already brought its ELF Drone to market via the Indiegogo platform.

Backers interested in the 3DFreaks printer can pledge $299 for a kit, or $399 for a fully-assembled version. The company says its on track to to ship the portable 3D printers this August.

The pitch video below shows the Freaks3D printer in use.

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