FRWD Sports Performance Recorder for athletes

FRWD Sports Performance Recorder for athletes
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FRWD Recorder unitslips on the arm
FRWD Recorder unit
slips on the arm
For sports enthusiasts andprofessionals alike
For sports enthusiasts and
professionals alike
Sport data analysesto monitor and improveyour workout
Sport data analyses
to monitor and improve
your workout
photo: Kaisa Rautaheimo
photo: Kaisa Rautaheimo
Photo: Karoliina Paatos
Photo: Karoliina Paatos
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November 5, 2004 Wearable athlete management systems are set to become widespread with the release this week of the US$1000 FRWD Sport Performance Recorder ; a device which measures route, distance, altitude and speed using GPS technology along with heart rate. Like the GPS Sports unit we reported on recently, which has similar functionality, the FRWD promises a goldmine of information for all athletes in understanding their physiology and performance.

FRWD has the capability to take sports experiences to an entirely new level. Outdoor and alternative sports enthusiasts can relive their experiences second by second and compare their performance with their friends and rivals. A mountain biker can compare heart rate and speed variations. A top athlete or coach can analyse every detail of a performance and improve their ability to compete by learning from the stored data.

The FRWD Sports Performance Recorder consists of an arm attachable FRWD Recorder Unit and the FRWD Replayer PC Software.

Route, location, time, speed, distance, heart rate, altitude profile, pitch angles, temperature and air pressure are recorded in real time every second in the FRWD Recorder Unit. The recorded data can then be replayed, analysed and compared afterwards in the FRWD Replayer PC Software.

The FRWD Replayer PC Software includes animated 2D/3D-routes, comparison between performances and a versatile analysis of the recorded data, such as maximum and average speed and heart rate. The terrain profile of the route can be easily seen throughout the whole performance. The user can also look at the exact values and analyse the performance in close detail from multiple aspects.

FRWD offers great advantages in coaching, improving sports performances, education and rehabilitation. The product can also be used in testing equipment in various sports. For example, a cyclist can analyse the effect different bikes can have on speed and heart rate, or rowers can compare the effect a particular setup has on their performance.

With the increasing use of mobile data measuring and analysis software for athletes it appears sport itself is going digital. Similar GPS sports athlete management systems have been reviewed in Gizmag before but the FRWD system is the first to combine, for example, heart rate data with location using a brand new way of utilising and cross-referencing GPS technology.

The FRWD Sport Performance Recorder is available in two models, the FRWD O200 and the FRWD O400 :

The FRWD O200 is designed for an enthusiast who is passionate about his sport. Using FRWD they can record and relive the best sport experiences, follow personal development and compare performances with others.

The FRWD O400 is designed for professional athletes and coaches. Using FRWD athletes can analyse and compare performances and training results, optimise performance techniques and improve training methods. The product contains utterly versatile and visualized tools for monitoring and analysing the performance. All recorded data can be saved as a text format table for research use.

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