If you’re anything like me, you own a flashlight, a bike light, and a videography light. While they all emit the same sort of white(ish) LED light, their form factor can make it difficult to use one of them for another’s purpose. Vancouver-based mechanical engineer Ronald Chan, however, is hoping that his Function Flashlight will become the one and only go-to portable light source for its owners.

The water-resistant, black-anodized Function has a solid aluminum body, and its three Cree XPG2 LEDs produce up to 1,600 lumens. Buyers can also opt for Nichia 219 Hi CRI bulbs which put out a more neutral white light, but at a lower intensity.

For typical use, a simple push of its control knob turns it on and off. Once it’s on, however, that knob can be used as a dimmer switch, allowing users to turn it down as low as 10 lumens. More advanced functions, such as SOS signaling and variable-rate strobing, can be accessed by holding the knob down longer.

Besides its ability to be stood up either horizontally or vertically, the Function also features threaded tripod holes on its top and rear surfaces. Combined with one or more of the optional mounts (where necessary), these allow it to be attached to the top of a camera, the handlebars of a bicycle, a backpack strap, a Gorillapod, or various other items.

Several magnetically-attached filters are also in the works, which will let users change the color of the light, diffuse it, or turn the flashlight into more of a domed table-top lamp.

Power comes from one user-supplied 18650 lithium-ion battery, two CR123A’s, or two 18350’s. There are no hard figures provided as far as battery life goes, although we're told that it depends very much on the output setting, and the type of batteries used.

Chan’s company, Cryos Illumination, is now in the process of raising production funds on Indiegogo. A pledge of 175 CAD (US$165) will get you a Function Flashlight of your own, assuming the financial goal is met.

The light can be seen in use in the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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