Last October, Evoluce showed off its 47-inch multi-touch LCD HD display monster which can register an unlimited number of simultaneous contact points from both stylus and human touch. Not content with mere touchscreen technology, the company has now unveiled geo-spatial gesture functionality too.

German display innovator Evoluce has now updated its Integrated Through Screen Optics (ITSO) sensing technology so that users can control actions on the screen at up to a meter away from the surface of its huge display. Mid-air scrolling, rotating, stretching, shrinking, or pivoting motions of a user's hands are immediately registered and translated into screen actions such as pinch and zoom, screen transition or application dismissal.

The company's Wolfgang Herfurtner sees the technology being useful for "collaboration, product and industrial design, business intelligence, information visualization, medical imaging, and command and control functions. The possibilities are truly mindboggling."

The 47-inch Evoluce ONE scratch resistant haptic touch surface benefits from full 1080p high definition rendering in 16:9 aspect and Multi-Touch Input Management software, which takes care of all those unlimited screen touches from both stylus and fingers. The system supports the full functionality of Windows 7 but is also compatible with all standard development interfaces for multi-touch applications and can recognize 8-bit binary tagged objects and then trigger an appropriate software response, such as syncing with a smartphone or tablet.

The following video overview shows what the technology is capable of:

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