Oyster laptop docking station promotes better posture

Oyster laptop docking station promotes better posture
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Given the long hours we all spend slaving over a hot keyboard, a sound ergnomic posture is becoming an increasingly important consideration, so the oyster laptop docking station really caught our eye.

While traditional docks connect the laptop to peripherals (i.e. desktop monitor), Oyster repositions the laptop perpendicular to the desk's surface retaining use of the LCD screen and accommodating a full-size keyboard.

The Oyster can be used with either Mac or PC laptops and its design brings the laptop screen to the right height for better posture at the same time as eliminating the need for another monitor (or enabling it to sit alongside the second monitor instead of below it).

Other advantages include a smaller desk "footprint", internal cable concealment, storage, and an in-built 4 port USB hub, all for AUD$259.

Now available in Australia phone 1300 55 95 93 or visit

View gallery - 5 images
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