GoDogGo! An automatic fetch machine!

GoDogGo! An automatic fetch machine!
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March 8, 2006 The mechanisation of every facet of human life has finally trickled down to playing with the dog. Too busy to play fetch with Fido? No problem, just get your dog his own personal playmate with the GoDogGo mechanical ball launching device, aka the ultimate "Cainine Activity Sport".

Here's the pitch: Your dog's a big ball of energy and you're .... errr, not. But you can still give your pooch the exercise and playtime he deserves with GoDogGo. Just use the remote control to set the unit to your dog's own ability - set a launch distance from 15-30 feet and launch times every 7-15 seconds. You can even train your dog to put the balls back in the bucket for continuous play.

It looks just like a bucket on a mechanical loading platform, but this innovative device is something all dog owners have probably wished for at one time or another. If you want a closer look, or just like to watch dogs chasing balls, check out the quicktime clip of the GoDogGo in action .


  • Launch adjustment from 15 feet to 30 feetElectronic intermittent settings from 7 to 15 seconds15 ball capacity for continuous activityBattery powered or use included AC adapterLightweight with easy-grab carrying handles6 GoDogGo tennis balls includedIncludes remote control for setting launch distance and launch times
  • The bit we liked best was the guy who taught his dog to put the balls back into the bucket so the dog can now have an endless amount of fun while dad watches on.

    GoDogGo costs US$150. See the company website for more info on the device plus reseller details.

    View gallery - 8 images
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