August 21, 2007 We’re now used to carrying our music library in our pocket but usually it’s a library that can only be listened to by one person at a time. The Zagg RockStic is a new take on portable speaker design. Specifically aimed at iPods but compatible with most MP3 players, the compact cylindrical unit aims to maximize portability, giving users the ability to share (or inflict, as the case may be), their taste in music on a wider audience.

The pocket sized RockStic stands-out in terms of its unusual shape. The aluminum construction is designed to be robust, compact and simple to transport. The device is powered either by four AAA batteries or through an AC adaptor. When plugged in it can also charge iPods through its docking system, or other MP3 players through a line-in connection. The included remote control lets you manage volume, track number and playback.

The RockStic is available in silver, black and pink and costs US$69.95.