September 4, 2007 Toyota has released an iPod integration kit which provides a direct link between your car's audio system and an Apple iPod. The connection is housed inside the glovebox of the car, providing a simple plug and play option from iPod to stereo that also act as a charger. The iPod can then be completely controlled by using the car's audio head unit, or (where fitted) the controls on the steering wheel. The integration kit can be installed into any current Toyota and Lexus model, and is compatible with most versions of iPod.

Because the iPod can be kept out if sight in the glovebox of the car, there is no need to constantly unplug the device from your car radio when it is parked. The security benefits of this are obvious, as you can lock away your iPod from prying eyes at all times.

The iPod integration kit provides the ability to operate all audio functions from the car's head unit, allowing you to select and play tracks, scan, fast-forward, rewind etc. Additionally, if the battery on the iPod runs, low, the kit will automatically charge the unit as you drive.

The Toyota iPod integration kit is very easy to install, and has earned official approval from Apple, who have certified it as a "made for iPod" product. The cost of the unit is approximately £150 (US$300).

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