Sandisk launches new high-performance Flash memory cards

Sandisk launches new high-perf...
Sandisk's 16GB ExpressCard
Sandisk's 16GB ExpressCard
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Sandisk's 16GB ExpressCard
Sandisk's 16GB ExpressCard

September 18, 2007 The rise and rise of Flash memory continues with SanDisk, the original inventor of Flash storage cards and the world’s largest supplier of Flash data storage card products launching its Express line of memory products. Aimed at professional videographers and photographers who demand speed, durability and reliability the new 8GB and 16GB flash memory cards record high-definition video at 35 megabits per second.

Solid-state recording using flash memory is widely viewed as the future of video as it allows for camcorders that are lighter, more durable and have increased battery life due to the reduction in the number of moving parts required for turning tape reels or disc spindles. Digital video can also be quickly transferred into computers for processing with non-linear editing (NLE) applications. Tanya Chuang, director of worldwide retail product marketing for the high performance imaging market at SanDisk, said: “The SanDisk ExpressCard has been designed for super-fast downloads of large video files and is ideally suited to editing in the field. Video can be quickly off-loaded to a notebook computer, with no extra cables or readers required, so the card can go back to work in the video camera as fast as possible.”

Sony is the first major video equipment manufacturer to adopt ExpressCards as video recording media, with its new XDCAM EX camcorder. SanDisk and Sony have jointly developed SxS, a specification to verify that ExpressCard memory cards will support the high-speed performance required for professional video. The SanDisk ExpressCard carries the SxS logo, and is expected to be fully compatible with the XDCAM EX, which has two ExpressCard slots. “With the SanDisk ExpressCard, professional videographers for the first time will have access to a high-speed, solid-state digital recording solution,” said Wes Brewer, vice president of SanDisk’s Cards and Accessories Division. “What’s more, because the PCI Express interface is an open industry standard, and because of the continuing decline in the cost of flash, we expect other video equipment manufacturers to adopt this compelling new format.”

ExpressCard is a standard created by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) as a successor to the PC Card standard. By connecting directly to a computer’s PCI Express bus, ExpressCards can read and write data at least 2.5 times faster than PC Cards. Also, ExpressCards are half the size of PC Cards – allowing slimmer designs in notebook computers and ExpressCard-based camcorders.

The SanDisk ExpressCard is expected to be available in North America and Europe in November in 8 gigabyte and 16 gigabyte capacities providing recording time for high-definition video capture at 35 megabits per second - storing approximately 30 minutes on the 8GB card and 60 minutes on the 16GB card.

The 8GB card carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$499.99 while the 16GB card costs US$899.99.

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