When Google's Chromecast launched in July, it was announced that Pandora would soon be joining the handful of launch apps officially supported by the dongle. That day has arrived with the release of version 5.0 of the Pandora app.

Chromecast users who have updated the Pandora app on their mobile device to version 5.0 will now find a new "Cast" button, either in the top right (Android), or lower right (iOS) corner that will allow them to stream music to their TV. The app is available on Android and iOS, with Pandora listing support for all Android devices and iPhone and iPod touch. iPad support is promised soon.

When your Pandora station starts playing on Chromecast, the TV will display the name of the song you're listening to along with the album cover art. You can then kick back on the couch and use your smartphone or tablet to control what you're listening to as well as the volume.

Until now, Google Music has been the only officially-supported music streaming app available for the Chromecast, that also launched with support for YouTube, Netflix, and Google Video. Hulu Plus was added later and now Pandora has joined the still sparsely attended party.

Hopefully this is a sign that we'll be seeing more quality services coming soon to the US$35.00 dongle. If those services aren't enough for you, check out these five Chromecast tips and tricks to get more out of the device by streaming your locally stored videos and more.

Source: Pandora Blog

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