Today, Google announced a November 10th ship date for its new Daydream View virtual reality headset and controller, a grown-up version of the experimental Cardboard viewer. Daydream is available for pre-order through the Google Store now.

Unlike the Samsung Gear VR, its main mobile VR competitor, the Daydream headset is made out of a soft microfiber that is purportedly lighter and more comfortable than hard plastic alternatives. It also comes with a gyroscope-equipped controller, similar to that of a Nintendo Wii, which should offer intuitive and natural movements for the gaming experience.

According to Google, a significant amount of content awaits Daydream early adopters. Hulu, YouTube, and The Wall Street Journal are expected to launch official VR apps in the coming weeks, while thousands of TV shows and movies will be available through Google Play Movies. Gaming content is headlined by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a riddler set in the Harry Potter universe. Additional content includes New York Times-produced films and game titles like Danger Goat, Need for Speed: No Limits VR and MLB Home Run Derby.

At launch, the Daydream experience will be limited to Pixel and Pixel XL owners, which are presently the only Daydream-ready phones on the market. Several other manufacturers, including HTC, LG, Xiaomi and Huawei, have committed to releasing Daydream-compatible phones in the near future.

Pre-ordered headsets are only available in the slate gray color variant, though additional snow (off-white) and crimson options should become available in the coming months.

Daydream View retails for a very reasonable US$79, which includes the controller. It ships and hits retailers in the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada on November 10th.

Source: Google

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