Google Fiber lights up another big city

Google Fiber lights up another...
Google's new Fiber Spot in Nashville
Google's new Fiber Spot in Nashville
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Google's new Fiber Spot in Nashville
Google's new Fiber Spot in Nashville

Google Fiber officially launched in its fifth American city on Wednesday, when the gigabit broadband service became available in one Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood. Right now, Fiber is only available in four apartment buildings near the city's famed Music Row neighborhood, but expansion is planned across the city.

The Google Fiber website lists dozens of apartment buildings and other addresses across the city that are slated to have Fiber installed soon. A Google Fiber Space retail store where consumers can try out Fiber is also now open in downtown Nashville.

Google first began considering the music recording hub in 2014 for Fiber service and plans to go ahead were confirmed in 2015.

When it first came on the scene, Google Fiber was novel in that few other telecom companies were offering residential gigabit broadband service, but in the ensuing years, the likes of AT&T and Comcast have begin to offer their own super high speed products. Some cities have even managed to top what Google offers with their own services.

Nashville joins Kansas City, Austin, Atlanta and Provo, Utah as the fifth Fiber city. Google has plans to roll out Fiber in six more cities, including San Francisco, and is considering several others for the future

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The internet gap in the USA is increasingly apparent when there is gigabit service in some cities while those in AT&T controlled areas cannot even get DSL service. The US government can put men on the moon but it cannot build a nationwide internet service or transportation system on par with China much less Scandinavia or Europe.